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Marshall Noice- Waxlander Gallery- Canyon Road Paint Out

Marshall Noice of Waxlander Gallery at the Canyon Road Paint Out & Sculpt Out

The Historic Canyon Road Paint Out & Sculpt Out is a week away! As we finalize our list of over 100 participating artists, that age-old question comes to mind: what is art? At our plein air festival on October 18, the answer is… anything and everything. As you stroll up Canyon Road, you’ll have the chance to engage with painters, sculptors, jewelers and even fashion designers. Name a medium, and you’ll probably find someone using it outside our world-famous galleries.

But wait, there’s more! This year, we’re featuring one very special variety of art that you’ve never witnessed before. It’s a special happening at 3:00 PM outside Winterowd Fine Art and GF Contemporary that will answer the question…

Clue to a Special Event at the Canyon Road Paint Out- Experience Canyon Road Blog


It’s the birth of a mysterious new art movement, and you can take part! Share this special clue with your friends on social media, and make sure to be there on October 18. Check out our first picture clue here, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on all of our Paint Out events.